A to Z Challenge

 A to Z Challenge 2013

Here we go again!

a is for- Arizona
b is for- Balloons
c is for- Camping by the Creek
d is for- Donuts
e is for- Eggs
BONUS E - Exploring
f is for- Flowers
g is for-
h is for-
i is for-
j is for-
k is for-
l is for-
m is for-
n is for-
o is for-
p is for-
q is for-
r is for-
s is for-
t is for-
u is for-
v is for-
w is for-
x is for-
y is for-
z is for-


A to Z Challenge 2012

On a wild hare... I decided to join the A to Z Blog Challenge in the month of April, 2012.  Challenges are good...once in a while, and this one seemed like it would be fun.  I signed up on the last day to do this challenge - but found out that people had signed up months ago and had THEMES to their month-long challenge.

Not me - Random is as Random does!  And I don't think that there is a better word to describe me... so - here is my Alphabet for the month of April!  I hope you enjoy the randomness of these posts!

a is for... absolutely no idea
b is for... Blackpool
c is for... Cake
d is for... Desert Beauty
e is for... Egg 
f is for... Fat Cat George 
g is for... GI Jane and Grenades
h is for... Happiness Is... 
i is for... Illusions of Grandeur
j is for... Jane Austen
k is for... Kites
l is for... Lighthouses
m is for... Movies and the Man in my life
n is for... Nerd!
o is for... Oxford vs.Cambridge
p is for... PostCrossing
q is for... Queen Elizabeth
r is for... Riley
s is for... Stonehenge
t is for... Tall Buildings (all of the tall buildings we’ve been in!)
u is for... Unusual
v is for... Versailles
w is for... What I Wish for you
x is for... Xanadu (a place of great beauty, luxury, and contentment)
y is for Yin-Yang

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  1. Hi! I just bookmarked your blog.. :) this is jokel behind "a thotful spot" happy atoz! :)


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