Wednesday, April 18, 2012

p is for... Postcrossing

If you love postcards, or just love getting something other than 'love letters from BILL' - you have to try out Postcrossing!  You have an opportunity to send postcards around the world... and then you get some back!


I love the fronts of postcards, but I almost enjoy the stamps from the various countries more!  Textured, glitter, and true little works of art - some of these stamps are!

Then, you start covering your map of where postcards have gone too... and where they have come from!

I have written to 16 different countries:  Brazil, Russia, China, Netherlands, USA, Poland, Germany, Belarus, Ukraine, Taiwan, Finland, Australia, Japan, Italy, Canada, Belgium.

I have received from 15 different countries: China, Netherlands, Ukraine, Germany, Poland, France, USA, China, Russia, Finland, Taiwan, Thailand, Portugal, United Kingdom, Japan.

What impresses me the most... All of the ones I have received are written in ENGLISH!  I find that fascinating, that so many people will write to me in English.   Some of it is a bit halting, but my hat is off to them as Postcrossing is conducted in English and they are at least trying!  Maybe that is what I should do, I should learn a phrase in their native language when sending a post card!  What a fabulous idea! (there I go... amazing myself! :D)

Give Postcrossing a try!  It's so neat going out to your mailbox and finding a little card from half-way around the world... someone is sending you a message from far away! 

Looks like I have some writing to do tonight!  I have 9 new addresses I can get and learn some new phrases in possibly NINE different languages! 
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