Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Where in the World Are You... 2

A new meme started HERE at Musings of a Book Lover!  Take the current book you are reading, and tell us "Where in the World Are You?"  What setting or place in the world is your book set... or where in the Universe, since some of us enjoy a good fantasy or sci-fi.  The beauty of reading is to take us to new and exciting places.  Or places that don't exist but in our minds.  Take us there now!

Where I Was:
I was in London during the Regency and the high Season with Georgiana Darcy, along with Elizabeth and Darcy newly married.  Wouldn't it be nice to whirl around a ballroom (though Elizabeth thought that rather scandulous)?  I think one place I really would have liked to visit on a warm summer's eve would have been with Covent Gardens or Vauxhall.  Mr. Darcy's Little Sister by C. Allyn Pierson

Where I am Stuck:
On a road trip from Michigan to California trying to Save June, but more like Harper Scott trying to figure out what her life will be like now that her sister is gone.  This one is going a little more slowly and I think I have been 'reading it' form almost a month now.  Saving June by Hannah Harrington

Where I Am:
In the best city in Texas! Austin, Texas, where the inhabitants and visitors alike love grabbing a 'Keep Austin Weird' t-shirt, because Austin is so not Texas!  It's a Blue dot in a sea of red!  Nicola James just grabbed a journal, but she's finding out that there is something different with this one!  Austentatious by Alyssa Goodnight

Feel Free to let us know Where You are in the World!  Think about creating a map on Google Maps to show the location of where you have been!  Check mine out... I have even colour-coordinated the flags based on the number of stars I have given the book.  One day, when I have time (hee-hee) I plan on adding covers to all of the books!

I look forward to seeing where you are traveling!  One thing I love about reading... getting to see new places!

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