Tuesday, April 9, 2013

h is for...

...bizarre words that begin with the letter H

I could go on about one particular word, but there are so many cool (and unusual) words that begin with the letter H!

Here are a few that caught my fancy, struck my eye!

The Century Plant

hapaxanthous flowering only once

 hebetic of, like or pertaining to puberty& hebetude stupidity  I think this is PERFECT for teenagers!

heyday expression of elation or wonder

hippocras medieval hot spiced wine

hippodamist horse-tamer

hircismus stinky armpits

Scottish New Year Cakes

hogmanay gift or cake made on New Year's Eve

homichlophobia fear of fog  Not good if you live in the Pacific Northwest!

honorificabilitudinity honourableness (Just so cool looking!)
hoyden tomboy

huggery the action of hugging Everyone needs more huggery in their lives!
hustle lively disco dance derived from swing elements with a plus-like pattern Is it considered a flash mob if it's performed by inmates?!?

hwyl emotional state capable of arousing intense eloquence

hyetal rainy; of, like or pertaining to rainfall

hygeiolatry excessive devotion to health

hygrophilous preferring or living where there is an abundance of moisture

hylogenesis the origin of matter

The Pantheon, Rome

hypaethral roofless; open to the sky

hypergamy marriage of a man to a woman of lower status

hyperhidrosis excessive sweating

hypnoetic of, like or pertaining to unconscious logical thought

hypnomogia insomnia

hypobulic weak-willed; lacking willpower

hypophrenia weakness of mental facilities

hypotrichosis hairlessness

And, for my dear daughter, who sometimes struggles with her heavy-framed glasses!

What is a Hipster?
 Which is your favorite H word listed here?  Wanna write a sentence?!?

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