Monday, April 8, 2013

g is for...


Here's a Real Quick overview!

If you have never heard of this high-tech game of hide-n-seek, I would highly recommend it! 

What I love about it is that it will take you to places you have never been, or help you to explore the area around you better.

It's all about the hunt!  And the 'prizes' can be fun, too!

When we go to a new place, we try to find a cache or two.  We have also placed a few caches as well.  It's so nice having people find what you have hidden, and leave a nice note about it!  I had a great time creating "Landa New" which brings people to a new place in San Antonio, as well as get them involved with their surroundings when I created a Puzzle for the coordinates!

We have also done geocaching in GREECE!  When we went on a family trip, we actually found a cache at the base of the Acropolis.  That was cool!

Martha Stewart Meets Geocaching

If you have a smart phone, and it has GPS, give Geocaching a try!  Discover something new around you!

For those of you who have a little more time, here is a video my Dear Husband and I created for one of his classes.  Hope you enjoy!

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