Friday, February 1, 2013

follow friday 18

wow...haven't done one of these is so long!  What a fun question to answer this week, that I just had to do it!

If you want to read the rules and participate head over to Alison Can Read or Parajunkee!

Happy Feature Follow Friday this weeks Question:

What is the first thing you would do if you woke up and found yourself in your favorite book?

Probably shout out 'Yes!' and do a fist bump with the bed post!  I know that the Regency was not known for its flattering dresses for women, but the men...oh la la!  Persuasion is the book and I think I would probably be a little more assertive if I were Anne Elliot!  Tell my dad to go stuff himself, slap Mary around and tell her to stop her b*tching, push Louisa to the side and grab Captain Wentworth right away instead of being miss-ish - it had been eight years since he was forced out of my world, and it was time to make up for lost time!  Boy...wouldn't that make for an interesting twist on Persuasion?!?

You... what would you do if you woke up in your favorite novel?!


  1. That really does sound like a good twist ;)

    Here is my FF

  2. Even though I haven't read Persuasion, I think I will now. But even now, your plan what to fix sound nice! lol

    New follower.
    My F&F.

  3. Ha! I don't think the word slap is used enough. That, and people don't fist bump bed posts enough. Great answer. New GFC follower here. Here's my FF.

  4. Haha, that would certainly change things up a bit!

    New follower via GFC. :))
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  5. Love the book and love Anne!!thanks for stopping by my blog returning the follow

  6. I'll be checking that out!

    New GFC follower

  7. I haven't read Persuasion, but I keep hearing how totally amazing it is. I should try to get to it this year.

    And yeah, I would not look good in regency era clothing.

  8. Hi, from a new GFC follower.

    Good choice! :)

  9. Hi, I would love to visit Hogwarts!

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  10. A great question and one that I have a very hard time answering - there are just SO MANY books I'd love to visit - literally. :)

    I think I'd want to be Jane Eyre - if I could wake up AS a favorite character that is. Second choice: Miss Elizabeth Bennett, of course.

    By the way, Kate, have you seen LOST IN AUSTEN yet? It's the story of a modern day young woman who somehow winds up inside PRIDE AND PREJUDICE. We don't get Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy but we do get the gorgeous Elliot Cowan who is almost as good.

    I'd also recommend the books by Jasper Fford in which he imagines a world where humans can 'enter' books - literally - and characters can pop out of plots and enter the human world. But since this might play understandable havoc with the book's characters and plot (the classics, especially), they are forbidden to do so. To that end, Literary Detective Thursday Next is on the job.

    The first book in the series: THE EYRE AFFAIR. Here we have Mr. Rochester in danger of not being able to supply the happy ending everyone expects of JANE EYRE.



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