Monday, January 9, 2012

One Lovely Blog Award

 Thanks to Lisa from Lisa Loves Literature for this lovely award and the thought that she liked my blog enough to give me an award!  It was given to me right before Thanksgiving… and I finally have time to pass on the love.  Here are the 15 blogs that I have sent the award to:

1. Sandra at Waiting for WentworthThis blog is fairly new (though she says she’s not new to blogging) but I love the design and the theme is about Captain Wentworth – complete with quotes from Persuasion!  LOVE IT!

2. Cinta at Cinta's CornerShe's just getting started, but she has much to say!
3. Jane at Jane's JewelsShe finds the most fascinating photos and art work along with beautiful words!

4. Anne at The Book GardenBeautiful site, love her reviews...and she's an Anne Elliot from Persuasion...I am envious!

5. Marie at Ramblings of a DaydreamerI love the look of her site, and it's a 'go-to' place when I am looking at YA books - she reads most of them and gives good reviews!

6. Alexa  at Alexa Loves BooksI like the way she does her reviews and there are many books from her blog that end up on my TBR pile.

7. NC at Truly BookishOnce again, a great place to go for great reviews!

8. Pamela at At Home Between the PagesI get serious Cover Art love from this site.

9. Becky  at Stories and Sweeties. Very pretty site...and she loves Cupcakes!

10. A Life Bound By Books The blog has recently been re-designed and it is absolutely GORGEOUS!  I have serious blog envy!

11. Steph at Steph the BookwormShe reads an eclectic set of books, love the site and enjoy following her posts.

The following blogs are ones I have recently stumbled upon....

12. Shari at My Neurotic Book AffairButterflies... just found this site and looking forward to reading more.

13. Christie  at The Fiction Enthusiast. I just came across her website, and love the look of it!  Can't wait to read more of her reviews!  It seems, like me, she does different types of books, which is nice to see!

14. Chey at The Hollow CupboardsBeautiful site and I, too, am trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up!

15. Alex at Eclectic InspirationsGotta give it up to a 17 yo guy who has listed Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice as one of his top reads for 2011.  Hope he likes the award!

Believe it or not, it was hard finding 15 that didn't have some kind of 'Award Free' zone.  If you did (and I sent you an award), and I did not see it, I apologize.  Thanks for having such wonderful blogs that completely consume my free time!  I love what you have to say and enjoy your sites!

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