Saturday, January 7, 2012

ff #11

I'm a day late and always short... but here is my

Following Fridays

Follow Friday is a weekly meme hosted by Parajunkee and Alison Can Read. It's a great way to meet new blogger friends. This weeks question is:

This week's question is from Jennifer at Book Den

Q: Go count the number of unread books sitting on your shelf?  How many?

A: Well… I actually only counted the ones I want to read, as some are mine, some belong to my husband (which I haven’t read, and probably won’t) and some belong to the kids… plus those books that have been handed down or dragged around since college…  So, with that said:

Physically on the shelf – 112
On my Kindle (which I think count in their own right….) – 115

That’s a grand total of (uh-oh..math): 227

Looks like I have plenty of reading material on hand, and absolutely NO excuse to buy more books…but we shall see if I can stick to that one!

Looking forward to seeing EVERYONE next week…as it will be MY turn!  YAY!  Put your thinking caps on.  Hint, think of your favorite characters and throwing them together…


  1. Now that's a to-do list! I also have quite a few books I'll eventually get to...!

  2. I hope you have fun being featured this week! It was fun for me this weekend. :) In response to your comment - I used to have books I wanted to read but didn't own on my Goodreads "to-read" shelf, but I figured out how to make my wishlist shelf "exclusive". Now when I add a book, I get the choice of read, currently reading, to read, or wishlist. I really love having them separate.

  3. It's scary having so many books. There is just no way to get to them all unless we go on a strict buying ban until we're done and I know that will never happen for me at least!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog :-)

  4. Thanks for stopping by The Feather and the Rose, Kate.

    I don't think you actually followed us, though ;) Good luck with all those books.

  5. @Tyler-Rose CountsThanks for pointing this out... my commie pewter was a bit cranky when I went through the various sites. Sometimes it worked ..sometimes it didn't. But I think I got my droid to work, and now I am following!


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