Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Where in the World Are You? #1

A new meme started HERE at Musings of a Book Lover!  Take the current book you are reading, and tell us "Where in the World Are You?"  What setting or place in the world is your book set... or where in the Universe, since some of us enjoy a good fantasy or sci-fi.  The beauty of reading is to take us to new and exciting places.  Or places that don't exist but in our minds.  Take us there now!

This week, I am in Ireland.  I started off in Dublin, but now I am in out in the countryside.  I am living in a gate house of some old castle grounds.  I'm still confused as to where exactly I am, but I know it's about 30 minutes to the nearest 'big town' and a few hours away from Dublin.
There is some kind of mystery going on here and I am still not sure what it is.  The castle is in ruins, and it's my favorite place to go and hide away... to read my diary.  There is a secret walled garden there where I have met the most peculiar nun who loves to paint and she keeps bees.  I gave her a romance novel as a joke, but she loved it!
There is a bungalow across the road from the gatehouse where I am staying with my mum, her brother and his wife.  My aunt is a bit weird.... she freaks me out a bit.  But the bungalow holds some more secrets, as does the garage.  I have to figure out how to break the lock there!
One thing about this area is how old the buildings are.  Not like many parts of Dublin.  The walls around here have stood for quite some time.

The description above is based on The Book of Tomorrow by Cecelia Ahern.  I hope that many things will be wrapped up!

Let me know where you 'are'!  
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