Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mums Still Know Best

The Hairy Bikers' Best Loved Recipes: Mums Still Know Best, by Si King and Dave Myers

If you have never had a chance to browse through one of the Hairy Bikers' Cookbooks, give yourself a treat!  My favorite, to date, is their '12 Days of Christmas.'  Don't let the titles fool you, these guys know food.  The cookbooks are stunning with their beautiful pictures of the dishes that are created for their books.
Though many dishes I would probably NEVER make (I can't think of eating fluffy bunnies), I still love leafing through a 'Hairy Bikers' cookbook.'

One thing that I love about these cookbooks, this one is no exception, are the notes to tweak a recipe, and a little bit about the Mum from which the recipe came.  Half of the recipes are from Si and Dave, who have taken some of their favorites, and made them more 'up-to-date.'

The directions are well-written and, as I mentioned before, the photos that accompany most of the recipes are gorgeous.

For we Americans, there is a bit of converting and learning what the different ingredients are (caster sugar = superfine sugar) and having a scale that does measurements in grams, as well as ounces, is VERY helpful with British cooking.  To be quite honest, weighing ingredients does give you a better measurement than using simple measuring cups.

I have to admit that when I first heard of the Hairy Bikers and that they put out cookbooks, I was a bit reticent to look at their books.  Please don't be put off by the name, their cookbooks have a wonderful elegance to them, and have made this cook want to try their wonderful recipes!

4 Stars!
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