Friday, April 5, 2013

e is for...

... eggs!

I know...I know...silly one.  But having just been the Vernal Equinox and Easter, I thought it was appropriate.

by our dear Daughter, Sam, on Vernal Equinox!
Tipping an egg is quite the phenomenon, and it has been done by yours truly, and her progeny!

So, what's the difference between brown eggs and white eggs?  Believe it or not... the color of the egg is based on the chicken's earlobes.  I am serious!  However, there is a BIG difference between organic and non-organic eggs.  Do yourself (and the chickens) a favor and spend a little extra on the organic eggs!

How do you like your eggs? Did you know that starting your day with a breakfast that include protein is the best way to start the day?  How many different ways are there to cook eggs?  Two? 20? Even 100 different ways?! A Breakfast taco with Fresh Guacamole is one of my favorites. But then, I also have been known to love a good Deviled Egg!

What's your favorite egg recipe?

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