Wednesday, April 3, 2013

c is for...

...Camping by the Creek!

Beaver Creek

It's been too long since we have been camping.  It was so nice when we slipped away for the weekend and left the things of man behind!

Even better was waking up before the sun crested the mountain so we could see it peeking through the trees while making our Beer Pancakes (a camping tradition... did you know that Bisquick's Gluten-Free mix does well with BEER?!?!)

Sunrise from camp site!
We were lucky enough to find a spot right next to the creek.  It was wonderful hearing the constant susurration of the creek as we fell asleep.  It was even better to spend time all day by the creek... soaking up Nature, as it were!

If you haven't been out in nature recently, I would highly recommend it!


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  1. Nature keeps on trying to follow me back into the house on little chicken feet.

    1. That's awesome! One day, we will have chickens running around. You are also surrounded by trees, which is fabulous! I keep trying to get us to come up and live on the hillside! :)

  2. All your pictures remind me I really need a vacation sometime soon. They're great! It has been centuries since the last time I went to camping.

    Father Dragon Writes

  3. Love your pics and your blog. The layout is great. Following you through A to Z!

  4. I have fond memories of camping as a child or going to our camp. One year we spent Easter in the woods at our camp (no electricity or plumbing). My mother cooked ham for dinner in the propane oven. We ate bacon and eggs for breakfast, hunted for chocolate eggs outside, walked by the lake, listened to the babbling brook, snacked on chocolate and played outside. I loved it!!

    Denise at Organization and Inspiration for Fellow Writers, participant of A to Z Blogging Challenge

  5. I have great memories of camping as a child, too, as well as going to summer camp!


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