Thursday, March 28, 2013

gird your loins...

...the A to Z Challenge is coming!

This is when your host will have strange and esoteric posting every day (but Sundays) in April with a different letter of the alphabet.

Most people pick themes... and I say "Blah" to themes.  I go where the wind takes me (and it's pretty windy in our little city in the Spring Time). I thought of maybe finishing my story this way - tying together Camp NaNoWriMo with the A to Z Challenge... but it would be starting in the middle of the story, the reader would be completely lost, and ... who knows. I might do a bit of that.

If you can see the craziness here from last year's attempt!

So... Here we go (in 3 days and several hours) I will be waxing Poetic, or Prosaic, or Titillatingly for the month of April.  I hope you enjoy my randomness, as it's always fun to try something different, and to challenge yourself to do something wacky like this!

See you in April!


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