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review: Get Your Shift Together

Title by Author: Get Your Shift Together by Steve Rizzo
Series (if applicable): none
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Publication Date: December 2012
Page Count:  224
Blurb: Get ready to "SHIFT" your life!""Through shifting your focus and way of thinking, Steve Rizzo shows how to succeed on all levels of life, while actually enjoying the process. What could be better?! You will love the truth, the humor, and the wisdom this book contains."" -- Dr. Mehmet Oz, host of The Dr. Oz Show and bestselling coauthor of You: The Owner's Manual

Who says you have to "get serious" to get everything you want out of life? According to Steve Rizzo, The Attitude Adjuster, you simply need to shift your attitude to get the ball rolling, both at work and in your personal life. In his funny and moving motivational guide, Rizzo shares the life-changing secrets that helped him confront his fears and shift from a promising career as a stand-up comic to his incredible success as a public speaker. Packed with humor, charm, and mind-altering insights--no, not that kind!--Rizzo's unique approach will show you how to: Find the humor in every situation. Turn negatives into positives--every single day. Make your workplace the best place to succeed. Stop being a full-time resident of the Negative Zone. Face your fears and get on with your life. Make happiness a choice--and have fun doing it!

Throughout the book, you'll find specific Attitude Adjustment Strategies that you can apply to every aspect of your professional and personal life. You'll learn how to avoid the Eeyore Syndrome, tap into your Humor Being, turn self-doubt into self-confidence, and make everyday conversations more engaging and more productive. You'll discover a tried-and-true method for shutting down that self-defeating Big Mouth inside your head--so you can listen to what's inside your heart. Along the way you'll hear about Rizzo's enlightening firsthand encounters with Eddie Murphy, Rodney Dangerfield, Naomi Judd, Christopher Reeve, and many more. It's all you need to get your shift together, and that's no joke.

When the shift hits the fan, your new life begins--with love, with joy, and, of course, with laughter

My Interest in this book is: I liked the title and thought that it might help Shift my attitude.

My Review:
While I appreciated the concepts of this book, I was a bit annoyed with the ‘comedy’ aspect.  I understand that Steve Rizzo is a comedian-turned-motivational speaker, and he has some very good points.  I read the whole book and got some very good information out of this book on how to Shift your Attitude to a Positive one! 

Steve Rizzo has met and worked with many Greats in Comedy, and he put many vignettes of his encounters with them in his story.  This is definitely a unique way to approach the field of self-help – through humor.  That is one of the steps he recommends – finding humor in stressful situations and using it to turn the way the situation is headed.  Based on his encounters with Christopher Reeve, I want to read more of Reeve’s books to see how he shifted his beliefs that turned his struggles after his tragic accident into a positive and how he worked to help bring awareness to others on those with severe disabilities.

Get Your Shift Together talks about Shifting into a Happier mindset, making Habits out of being Positive, mentioning about the power of Attraction, how to be Positive, and learning to quiet the negative Big Mouth in your head.  These are all wonderful points and Steve Rizzo does a good job of getting you to think about how you currently act, and how to Shift your Attitude to being more Positive.

“It’s the choices we make and the actions we take along the way; it’s the thoughts we have; what we focus on and how we frame what we tell ourselves 24/7. It’s about making a rock-solid commitment to enjoy ourselves during the rebuilding process, and to dare to find the laughter during the tough times.”

Favorite Quotes:
There were so many things that I highlighted in this book.  One of these days, I will sit down and write them all out!  Here are a few…

“Once you realize that your daily reality is a mirror of the thoughts you have and the actions you take, then change in any area of your life is possible and, what’s more, well within your control.”

“Statements that focus on what you lack in the present, or predicate happiness on a future event, destroy your chance of enjoying the moment.”

When I finished this book, I felt: a little more empowered in that I have the ability to change my life by Shifting my Attitude!
Rating: 4 stars
Tag: self-help, humor, changing attitude

This book was provided by the publisher for an honest review.
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