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review: Millie's Fling

Title by Author: Millie’s Fling by Jill Mansell
Series (if applicable): none
Publisher: unknown – first published in Britain in 2001
Publication Date: 2001  
Page Count:  501
Source: kindle
Blurb: Millie decides that a man-free summer is just what she needs but Orla, who wants Millie to be the heroine of her next novel, is determined to find her the man of her dreams. As far as Millie is concerned, the only man worth thinking about is Hugh Emerson but for Hugh, whose wife tragically died in a horse-riding accident, "dating is not on the agenda". Millie's determination not to fall in love with the young widower forms the centrepiece of the novel but Jill Mansell also delves into the shenanigans of Millie's best friend Hester and her eventful love life; Orla and her cheating husband; Millie's man-eating mother; and the leather-clad, sex-mad Lucas Kemp who runs a kiss-a-gram service.

My Interest in this book is:  I love books written by Jill Mansell, and this one is my favorite by far!

My Review:
Jill Mansell’s characters are the British best friends I never had!  They are real, quirky and a whole lot of fun!  Millie’s Fling starts off with Millie in a car with her boyfriend who is trying to ask her to move in with him, and all she can focus on is the person at the edge of the cliff who looks like she is contemplating throwing herself over the edge.  Her boyfriend is asking her to move in with him, and all she thinks about is how little she cares for him as she throws open the car door to ‘rescue’ a damsel in distress.  The boyfriend drives off, and Millie ends up convincing romance novelist Orla Hart that is isn’t worth it, considering that the cheating bastard would get all of her worldly goods.

Once back in town, and back to reality, Millie gets back to her little life in Newquay, Cornwall.  She lives with her best friend, Hester, who has the love of her life who is currently in Scotland, and the lust of her school years in town.  Seeing where her friend is headed while her boyfriend is away, Millie decides that they should make a Man-Free for- Summer pact, with a £200 wager.  This shouldn’t be too hard as Millie had no love interest and Hester’s boyfriend was in another country….or so they thought!

The story is filled with late night crank phone calls, hot guys in leather pants, swanky parties, a roller-skating gorilla, a romance novelist, a neurotic couple who run a travel agency, a mum who can’t stop looking for love, and hilarity all along the way!  There are times you want to smack the characters for being so obtuse, but it also makes them completely loveable and you want to get back to the story to find out what happens next.

One of the main reasons that I love Jill Mansell’s books is her characters.  Not only are the main characters full of life and personality, anyone that walks onto the pages is a character unto themselves with their own personalities firmly in place.  While you are reading (and especially when you are done) you wonder why this story hasn’t been made in to a Rom-Com as it would perfectly fit!  While reading it, you feel as if you just watched a very good movie.  Another wonderful thing about Jill Mansell’s books is that the people are so completely believable! These people just walked out of REAL life! 

I would highly recommend this book.  But you aren’t completely up on British mannerisms or slang, you might want to have a reference on hand.  It won’t detract from the story one wit, but if you have any experience with living in England, you will feel right at home!  Millie’s Fling is sweet, very funny, and quite amusing to boot!

Favorite Quotes:
This was kissing as Millie had never known it before, such a dazzling experience that she actually did stagger.  Her knees had gone, and she was forced to open her eyes just to get her bearings.

At least he’d overcome the fear that lightning could strike twice.  Before, he had been determined never to fall in love again because the prospect of losing someone else would be too much to bear.  But as time had passed, he’d realized this was no way to live.  There was an element of risk – however small – in everything.  You just had to accept that and get on with it.

When I finished this book, I felt: like I had to leave my best friends and not get a chance to hear any more of their hilarious stories.
Rating:  4+Stars!
Other books to read by this author or theme:  I plan on reading more of her books.  I recently read “Nadia Knows Best” – but this one was more fun!
Tag: British, romance, funny, recommended

This book was read for the category "From One Place" in the Reading Outside The Box Challenge!  (My very own!... Hope you join us!)
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