Monday, December 10, 2012

top ten new authors

Top Ten New-to-Me Authors I read in 2012

 The lovely ladies at The Broke and the Bookish want to know what our top new authors are.  This list was so easy to make! While I do read a lot, I sometimes always go to authors I have read before.  Luckily this past year, with learning about and keeping my eye to certain websites, I have learned about a lot of new and different authors.  Below is a list of the authors that left an impression..a good one!  I cannot wait to discover more of their writing, or in many cases, I am impatiently awaiting the next book that they write!

1. Alyssa Goodnight I had the pleasure of reading her book, Austentatious, which ended up being my favorite read of 2012.  She's funny, witty, and wrote a great yarn about a geeky girl who doesn't believe in miracles until she finds a magical journal that channeled Jane Austen. I am impatiently awaiting Austensibly Ordinary.
2. David Leviathan I grabbed a copy of Every Day and really enjoyed this story (review coming soon!). I can't wait to read more of his writing (currently reading Dash & Lily's Books of Dares).
3. Beth Revis I stumbled upon Across the Universe and really enjoyed this book, I quickly had to get the next in the series, and cannot wait until the last book of the series comes out!
4. Marissa Myers Cinder!... need I say more?  I am also looking forward to seeing what Marissa Myers has in store for us with Scarlet.
5. Jill Smolinski I was doing a lot of driving this past summer and grabbed a story called The Next Thing on My List.  It was well written and I really enjoyed the concept of this story.  I will be sure to find other books written by her and see if I like those too.
6. Kiersten White The Paranormalcy series was a lot of fun!  I loved how quirky, and true to being her teenage self Evie was! This was a great series, especially for someone like me that really isn't into the whole paranormal scene... these were perfect!
7. Beth Harbison Another one of those books on tape to get me through a lot of driving.  I enjoyed how real her characters were in Hope in a Jar.
8. Ernest Cline My entire family was riveted by Ready Player One.  It was a total geek fest for us, and quite the blast from the past with all of the 80's trivia. This is one book I want on my shelf (we did the book in the car thing!).
9. Jessica Grey It is so refreshing to come across an author who writes a smart story geared towards young adults.  It seems that too many people dumb down the language, but not Jessica Grey! I am looking forward to more of her Fairytale series, and cannot WAIT until she finally releases 'Attempting Elizabeth' a full story from the short story that she had submitted to the Jane Austen Made Me Do It contest a few years ago!
10. Julie Cross It was nice to have received a galley of Tempest.  I quite enjoyed the story, and hope to read more from this writer some day soon!

Looking forward to seeing the new authors you have discovered this past year...maybe it will be a new favorite for the upcoming year.

Also, if you noticed the button on the top left sidebar, I am going to host my very own Book Challenge. I hope you join me in expanding the types of books we read! 
 Please sign up and have fun!

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