Sunday, December 2, 2012


Zilker Park, Austin Texas 2009

Dear Readers,
                                (or for any who are left that have followed me)

I want to apologize for not being active for the past several months.  Between work (that I hated!) and a very-time consuming class, I did not have the energy to read at night, nor the time to post and follow the memes that I have so enjoyed.

This, however, will change!  I quit my job (and my stress levels are slowly coming down) and the class has completed.  I plan to go through (when time allows) some past Top Tens and post those, as well as write a few book reviews of books I have actually finished! (Yay me!)  (psst...look for a review of Every Day by David Leviathan - serious love for that book!)

Thank you for sticking by, and hope that I will not disappoint in the coming months.  I will also be able to focus a little more on my 101 things, and have a few stories to go along with that!

I hope that your Holiday Season will be 
                                and Bright!

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