Saturday, April 14, 2012

m is for... Movies n the Man in my life

    Here are a few of my favorite movies!

I love movies!  We don't have cable *gasp*
so our nice flat screen is purely for movies.
I love settling in for a good movie, and hate when you have spent two hours on a bad movie!  But it's nice to be transported once in a while to a different world or time and watch a story unfold before you!
I am also one of those 'mood' movie watchers.  Do you ever find yourself in a mood for a certain type of movie?  I admit, I love a good Rom-Com... but a funny action-adventure is good too... Have you seen "Nothing to Lose"?  Lots of Language, but quite humourous!

and now, for something completely different...
here is a poem about someone special
                                          in my life.... mind you.... I am not a poet!

Man who has captured my heart, and
Always there when I need him.  He is simply
And always
Makes me laugh!
I love this man, because he
Likes me a lot, too.
Lives for the moment – especially together…
Imbues my life with Wonder as he loves the
Now you can see why I am so lucky!


  1. I have seen all of these movies. I like you do not watch TV (much)so movies is it for me too!
    Great minds think alike. ey?
    Thanks for coming by.
    ~Naila Moon

  2. aww for the Man in your life! I don't have cable either...but love, love, LOVE the movies!

  3. I don't have cable either and I don't miss it at all. Of the movies you show Princess Bride is my favorite!


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