Thursday, April 12, 2012

k is for...Kites

I don't know about you, but flying kites always makes me happy!  Just seeing kites up in the air brings an instant sense of peace and wonderment.  Rarely do you see a mean person flying a kite. 

It is usually a couple of parents laughing with their children, while trying to help them get the kite up in the air!  And it is always a sunny day with a nice light breeze... so it is a perfect day!

My husband and I, shortly after we were married and just in the military, took advantage of a gorgeous summer day in Carmel, California!  We had a blast on the beach with a picnic and kites for the whole day!  The one thing we forgot, however, was sunscreen!  (We were almost cited with destruction of Government Property - we had a pretty bad sunburn!)  But it was a day that we remember fondly!

Next time you see a kite in the air... look at the person's face!  Better yet... grab a kite and let it fly!

Just another post for my A to Z Challenge!...

a is for... absolutely no idea
b is for... Blackpool
c is for... Cake
d is for... Desert Beauty
e is for... Egg 
f is for... Fat Cat George 
g is for... GI Jane and Grenades
h is for... Happiness Is... 
i is for... Illusions of Grandeur
j is for... Jane Austen
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