Wednesday, April 11, 2012

i is for... illusions of grandeur

"Better be without sense than misapply it as you do." - Jane Austen

I recently got a position as a kitchen manager, and there are moments that I have Illusions of Grandeur - kind of like the Ninja Chef up above in 'What I think I do' spot!  I am preparing a meal and think that I am kicking butt with that dish... and then I think that every one will hate it... 

An Illusion is the state of being deceived. Grandeur is the quality of being impressive or awesome. Therefore, someone who has Illusions of grandeur is deceiving themselves into thinking they are impressive or awesome in some way. In reality, no one else sees them in this way.

Illusions of Grandeur suck!  You are way up there in your thoughts... and then *BAM!* you aren't there any longer!

But then, I came across this 'definition' and loved it!  I am having Illusions of Grandeur - and everyone DOES love my cooking, after all! 

Stop. There is no such thing of having Illusions of Grandeur, because an Illusion means that you're seeing something that is actually real, but is such that is easily misinterpreted... 

So... have you had any illusions of grandeur?  Did they 'pan' out?  Were they delusions or misinterpreted illusions? 

Here is another post for my A to Z Challenge!...

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b is for... Blackpool
c is for... Cake
d is for... Desert Beauty
e is for... Egg 
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h is for... Happiness Is...

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