Monday, April 9, 2012

h is for... Happiness is...

Whenever I think of 'Happiness Is...' I think of Snoopy.  I guess I am from the Snoopy Generation!

... a Great Family

                     .... a good book

                                          .... tasty food

... and someone to share it with!

There are many wonderful things in my life from which I derive great Happiness!

Thank you for making me Happy, Max!

Here is another post for my A to Z Challenge!...

a is for... absolutely no idea
b is for... Blackpool
c is for... Cake
d is for... Desert Beauty
e is for... Egg 
f is for... Fat Cat George 
g is for... GI Jane and Grenades

1 comment:

  1. There are real things that create happiness too. Like new buds on trees after a cold, bare winter. Like sunshine drying the tiles outside in the garden. Like the promise of another summer.


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