Wednesday, April 4, 2012

d is for... Desert Beauty

Mesquite and Desert Clouds
 Rattlesnakes, and Scorpions and Lizards...Oh My!

Even though I have lived in Arizona for almost 15 years, I still consider myself a NorthWest Gal!  I miss the ocean and the green of the NW.  However, the desert does have its own beauty.  Here is just a sampling for photos I have taken recently.

Saguaros on a Hillside

Beauty in the Desert


  1. Picked your blog at random from the A to Z Challenge list. I've traveled a bit but never to a desert. Lovely pics.


  2. Beautiful pictures, Kate! I've always wanted to go to Arizona...I've never been to the desert at all. Now I'm thinking I should do a picture post for A to Z, but I don't know what...hmmm... ;-)


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