Friday, November 18, 2011

2012 Reading Challenges

Many people are starting to post the reading challenges that they will partake in for the year 2012.  I have a couple in mind, but the main one I intend on doing is this:


With GoodReads and their fabulous BookSwap (which, sadly, is no longer in existence), I ended up collecting several books that I haven't even had the chance to read!  We purchased an additional bookcase, and half of it is filled with books that I 'swapped' but haven't read!  Plus, I found the joy of Net Galley and receiving ARCs for a review!  I went way overboard with that as well, and have about 15 books I still have to read and review!

So, My 2012 Reading Challenge is to NOT buy a book in 2012 (unless I really REALLY need it!)  The public library and my own personal library will be my friend in 2012!  (And any ebook that is $2.99 or less!)

I will be doing the League Reading Challenge, as I have wanted to read several of these books anyway, and I have said that one of my 101 things to do is to read 10 literary classics (#26).  Plus, it looks like I will be doing the TBR Pile Challenge... since this will be my goal!

Will-power, don't fail me now!  Must  R e s i s t  buying more books!  My husband has been very patient with me, stacking books everywhere!

Then, I will have to have on-site giveaways when I am done reading them... or host my own 'bookswap' to get these books to new owners who will love them and read them and pass them on!
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