Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Top Ten - Series

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This week's question is:
Top Ten Sequels I'm Dying To Read  
(thanks to Anna from Anna Reads for this idea!) 
This is a tough one, as I have not read many books that have sequels.  (So, I am going to cheat a little... give are a few Sequels... then do an old Top Ten I haven't answered before!)


1.  One day, I will be finishing up the 'Pink Carnation' series by Lauren Willig This series features a young lady, Eloise, who is in England, researching her dissertation on spies during the Napoleonic Era.  The stories bounce back and forth between present day with Eloise's research and what's happening in her life, and then to the person that she is researching and that spy's life and adventures.  It's quite fun!

2. The Molly Murphy series by Rhys Bowen .  I have read a few of these, and want to get back to them some day!

Believe it or not...these are the only ones.  I haven't jumped into a series for some time, as I hate to wait!  Though, I have found many today that make me want to start reading some of these series!

So... on to the past, circa March 1st, 2011!  Though, looking around, there are some fabulous YA series going on out there!  It's great that authors are hooking people in to reading by creating series!

We all have them.  That book that you needed to buy so badly and had every intention of reading it as soon as possible...but they're still on your bookshelf collecting dust or sitting in a pile on the floor.
I only chose books from my shelf that I will probably never read.  I have several that I haven't read yet, but do plan to!

1.  "Shakespeare" by another name by Mark Anderson and Derek Jacobi .  I purchased this some time ago...thinking that I would read it since it is based on the controversy that Shakespeare could not possibly be the one to write all of those plays, etc.  It still sits there!  

2.  Zen in the Art of the SAT by Matt Bardin.  I bought this when our girls were in middle school.  It sounded great...thought it would be a cool study guide.  I never read it to tell our girls what they needed to do, in order to ZEN out while taking the SAT...and when the time actually came for them to take the SAT...the book was half way around the world, in a storage closet.  They did well, despite not having read the book.  Maybe we taught them to zen out appropriately already! 

3. Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell. No idea what this book is about... the title and the cover caught my eye.

4.  The Enchantress of Florence by Salman Rushdie.  I bought this because it was written by Rushdie...still remember the controversy of Rushdie and how he cannot go to his homeland of Iran.  Plus it sounded cool! 

5.  Just Get Me Through This! by .  I actually picked up a copy for my step-mom when she was going through breast cancer, and grabbed one for my shelf.  May I NEVER have to read it!

6.  Snow Falling on Cedars by David Guterson.  One of those you hear a lot about (at least, you did) and the cover is beautiful.  I think my mom may have suggested it as well.

7.  Eats, Shoots & Leaves by Lynne Truss.  Okay, I bought this when I was homeschooling, thinking that I would use it to help with English... but I never read it, referenced it or used it.

8. The Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana by Umberto Eco.  I loved the title of this book.  But, it still sits there on my shelf, being moved from one state to another..into a box, and out again!

9. The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver.  I actually mentioned this one in another post, about a book I will probably never read.  I did start it, but couldn't get in to it!  One of those highly recommended books...but it's just not my kid of book!

10. The Illuminator by Brenda Rickman Vantrease.  It has a beautiful cover and it sounds like it's right up my alley - being a historical fiction - but I still haven't grabbed it off of the shelf when looking for something to read all of these years.  I will continue to drag it around, and probably won't get rid of it until I at least try to read it first!

What sequels are you looking forward to getting your hands on?  Are there any books on your shelf that've been collecting dust, but you just can't get rid of them or even read them?  Looking forward to your answers.  
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