Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Where in the World Are You? #2

A new meme started HERE at Musings of a Book Lover!  Take the current book you are reading, and tell us "Where in the World Are You?"  What setting or place in the world is your book set... or where in the Universe, since some of us enjoy a good fantasy or sci-fi.  The beauty of reading is to take us to new and exciting places.  Or places that don't exist but in our minds.  Take us there now!

Well, I am crossing the desert in Northern Africa, in The Alchemist in hopes of finding a Personal Legend... a treasure buried under the Pyramids... but wondering if the treasure was the girl left at the oasis.

I am also in a small town in a small town in the Northwest, and I just went to the local fair with Tilly in The One That I Want.  Tilly loves being a high school counselor and planning prom every year!  Who wouldn't want to be a part of prom every year, Tilly wonders.  Though, I think that things are going to change for Tilly, since she bumped into an old friend in the Psychic tent....

Where are you in the world?  Share where you are in your stories.  That's what is so wonderful about reading, you can be in so many places, and never leave the comfort of your home.
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