Monday, August 1, 2011

Monday Musings

I love reading various types of books.  I have been fascinated by the written word and would love to be able to do it day!  While researching plots a few months ago, I came across a great book that gave his audience a general overview of plots.  This really had me thinking more when I read stories afterwards... What was the main theme of the story?  There are two basic types of stories...a story that is driven by a plot type, or a story based on characters.   Most stories are plot driven: the quest, the mystery, even the romance has a basic plot structure.  (If you’d like more information, check out 20 Master Plots).  However, there are a few that are character driven.  The story is about the person or the people.  Yes, there is a thin plot behind the people, but it truly is more of about the people and driven by their emotions, not their actions.

To sum it up, plot driven stories are action based and character based stories are emotion based.  If you have read many mysteries, there is a pattern to the story.  In order for the story to work, there must be a pattern.  Typically, there are three parts to the plots, depending on the specific type.
                              I learned this many years ago when I joined my first writers’ group. Most stories are plot-driven. That means that circumstances, usually beyond the control of your protagonist, propel the story forward. Character-driven means that the protagonist, antagonist, supporting roles and the decisions they make move the story.   Story Types
So, my musing to you today is this:  Which type of story do you prefer?  Plot or Character Driven stories?

I like to mix it up.  As most stories are plot-driven, I do read those.  But when I want to get out of the ‘rut’ of generic stories that sometimes seem the same, I grab a good character-driven story.  Those stories seem to stick with you a little longer!  So, tell me which you prefer, and then give me an example of your favourite! 

Enjoy your Monday!
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