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Top Ten - Authors

Ten Authors I Would really like to Meet (Living or Dead)

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I think it would be fabulous to have these all of authors over for a dinner party, with an extended cocktail hour beforehand.  What a fascinating conversation would be even watch the interactions amongst themselves.  These writers have either made me think, laugh out loud, read for enjoyment’s sake, or all of the above.  I also think that each and every one of them would be a truly fascinating person in their own rite.

    1.  Jane Austen – a fabulous author whose ideals are still pertinent in today’s society.  It would also be interesting to find out what she thinks of the current frenzy with her works so many females are trying to find their own Mr. Darcy, and rewriting her works, putting different spins on her storylines.  Would she be flattered or a little nervous that there is such a ‘cult of personality’ going on with her works?
    2.  Richard BachIllusions was the first story that I read by him, and my husband and I shared readings of his One series.  It would be wonderful to meet a man with such philosophical thoughts about the Universe and what a wonderful and in-depth conversation it would be over a glass (or bottle) of wine.  My husband and I would love that opportunity!

     3.   Jennifer Becton – not only is she a fabulous new author who is definitely up and coming in my book, she is also very much into sharing her journey into Indie publishing and the writing experience.  I really appreciate that and would like to have a chance to sit across the table from her and pick her brain a bit.  I am looking forward to reading more from this author!

    4.   Robert Fulghum – I did meet him, but only briefly, having a book (or two) signed by him in Seattle... a perfect place to meet him.  However, I think it would be wonderful to talk with this man in depth because it would be a very heart-warming conversation about the importance of sticking together, helping people out and sharing!

     5. Catherine Coulter – I wonder how she would be as a person to sit and talk with.  I have read so many of her different books (none recent though) while I was really getting into reading and it would be nice to meet someone who seemingly influenced the genres you currently enjoy reading.  I would also like to see her interacting with the other authors.  I know so little about her as a person, I wonder how she would be one-on-one or in a group!
     6.  Mark Twain – I have heard snippets about Mark Twain/Samuel Clemens, and it seems like he would be a fascinating person with whom to talk.  I am sure that there would be arguments, for argument’s sake, but it would be a dizzying conversation.  I would also like to see Jane Austen go toe-to-toe with him.
     7.     Syrie James – I have loved her two memoir-type stories and see her postings on FB.  I think she would be a warm and genuine person and a pleasure to speak with. 
     8.      William Shakespeare – Hopefully he would not always speak in rhyme, because it would be the end of the evening before I truly got what he meant.  I just find it fascinating to come up with so many different stories.  Here is another author who has stood the test of time.  And, did he really write all of those plays and sonnets...that would be the question on everyone’s mind.

     9.  Oscar Wilde – To be honest, I have never read any Oscar Wilde...I have only seen the screen adaptations of his humorous plays, to include ‘Lady Windemere’s Fan.’  However, with his wit, it would be another engaging discourse to speak with him about his thoughts of his society, and what he thinks of our society. 

    10.   Douglas Adams – You have got to invite the guy who recommends taking a towel with you while you travel across the well as come up with ideas like the ‘Restaurant at the End of the Universe.’  He would also be another person in the room that would keep the conversation going off in different tangents that most normal humans cannot even contemplate.  I can see him squaring off with Mark Twain in the corner, talking about time travel and singing dolphins.

Who would you like to invite to dinner?
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