Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday Musings - Caught in the Undertow!

This past weekend, I spent many hours going through only three different lists of websites (however, each contained at least 250 sites), visiting blogs on various blog hops.  I had become overwhelmed by the sheer number of other book blog sites out there!  Everyone has a particular niche that they like to focus on.  I found many that focused on paranormal stories, those who liked to read young adult only, and some who enjoyed reading heated romances...all of whom liked to write reviews on the stories that they have read.  Some sites have author interviews, while others talk about their favourite dog and what he did that was funny that day.

The internet is an amazing place!  It really is so easy to get ‘lost’ on the world wide web!  You set out to find one thing, say a template for a bookplate, and the next thing you know, you are looking at a blog that features websites for people over 40!  How did that happen?  It is so easy to do... I felt like the dog in the movie UP.... ‘Squirrel’ and off I went chasing a different blog and got completely off topic!  While it is fun to lose oneself in other people’s blogs, it is equally important to stay focused.  There are unfortunately too many distractions on the internet, and conversely, too many things that I want to do off of the computer! 

I would love to know how people manage their time when they are on the ‘net.... or do you simply ‘go for it’ and get lost?!?!   I would like to find other sites (with their owners) that seem to have similar tastes in books that I do; I find it a great way to feed my TBR pile on GoodReads!  (Boy, let me tell you what a beast that To Be Read pile is becoming!)  Also, some have interesting articles on self-publishing (I hope to be a writer one day), or cool interviews that give me a little more insight into some of the authors that I enjoy.  But, unfortunately, I don’t have too many hours in a day to just surf!  Share your secret with this newbie on the net!  Help her out!  Pass along tips and guidelines to keep this surfer from being pulled out in the under-tow of the vastness of the web!

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