Sunday, July 14, 2013

i H8 Crappy Endings!

I don’t know about you, but the ending is usually what makes or breaks a rating that I give a book.  I could be enjoying the book all along, really excited to find time to read it, and then BAM!   

You get hit with a super crappy ending!  What is it?  Does the publisher breathe down the author’s back and DEMAND the book right now, whether or not it’s been finished?

What do I mean by crappy endings?!

It’s rushed
It just doesn’t fit
It almost seems like someone else wrote it

You know the ones.  You almost feel let down when you finish the story.  And you want your time back!  Unfortunately, it seems that there are more ‘bad endings’ out there than good ones.  Even Nicholas Sparks (bless his soul, I think he is learning!) has endings that rip your heart out, but at least you have an emotion other than “What just happened?

The last two fiction books I have read thoroughly disappointed me with their endings.  It almost makes me want to stick with non-fiction, as they really don’t have endings to begin with!  But I would really like to understand why this happens.   

Does the author just not know how to finish it?  
 Did they end up in the hospital and the editor had to find someone to wrap up a well-developed story? 

And that’s the thing… The story is going well until the end!  The author is obviously creative enough because they sucked me in, in the first place!  There are books that I have cried at the end (Nicholas Sparks, aside), and those books weren’t considered, in my book, books with bad endings.  Things didn’t necessarily go as planned, but it made sense and it fit and it wasn’t rushed!

Let me know which books you felt were bad endings and why … So I can avoid reading them!
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