Saturday, April 21, 2012

r is for... Riley

We were living in England, and missing our dog that we had to leave back in the states, due to quarantine issues.  So... we drove through the Sherwood Forest, to Nottingham, to pick up our new puppy Riley - a Springador.  She is a mix between a true English Springer and a black Labrador.  The cutest little pup!  She was the runt of 13 puppies.  She was born in July of 2010.

English winters can be rather chilly and damp - and where we went, Riley went too!  She joined us on a family trip to Scotland... and here she is in her 'Elvis' jacket in Blackpool!

Then we brought her home to America - to the desert of all things - but she has adapted well enough!  Her favorite thing to do - besides play Stick - is to go hiking.  We take her Geocaching with us - trying to teach her to 'fetch cache' and this day she found one tucked in to a rock that we completely missed!

We are glad that she is a part of our family... she's a little crazy - and too smart for her own good - just like the rest of us!

This is another post for my A to Z Challenge!

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