Wednesday, April 11, 2012

j is for... Jane Austen

One of the only portraits of Jane Austen
If anyone asks who my favorite author is, I immediately reply with Jane Austen.  Even though she published her first novel 201 years ago, they are timeless stories of ordinary people and their daily lives, and trying to find love.  What is more perfect than that?  I have yet to read an author who has the same wit and incisive understanding of people.

I have also appreciated that because of Jane Austen and her novels, that several people have wanted to continue or tweak her stories, especially the past ten years or so.  There have been some good, some bad and some ugly attempts, but it is interesting that one author has inspired so many to even think of writing (my humble self included).

When asked why I like Jane Austen and her novels, one of the first things that come up is the civility that is found in them.  It was a different world then, and the order in which the world turned was amazing.  Of course, if I were to be transported back to the Regency era, I would have to be landed gentry, as least... no slopping bed pans for me, thank you very much!

Books by Jane Austen are the only ones I have re-read more than once!  I also like being a part of a group of people who adore this woman and her works.  She was a very strong woman who eschewed a comfortable living because she believed in love and she felt she would not have it what that particular gentleman.  If only she knew who many lives she has truly touched...

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