Monday, April 2, 2012

b is for... Blackpool

Day Two - and Letter B will feature Blackpool, England - the number one seaside resort in England.  We were on our way up to Scotland for Thanksgiving in 2010 and made a stop here for the night so that our girls could go see Vampire Weekend at the Empress Ballroom.

What I enjoyed most about Blackpool was knowing that we were looking out at the Irish Sea!

Then there was the giant Disco Ball on a stick that had thousands of tiny mirrors on it!  At night, it was spectacular, as it has changing colored lights shining on it, but sunrise was also beautiful as it caught the sunlight and reflected all around.

We didn't go to Pleasure Beach, as it was closed due to the very chilly weather!  But we enjoyed our stop-over in Blackpool.  I think I like it in the Winter... not many people around... I hate crowds!  If you make it to England, this is one neat little seaside town!

Though not my favorite place in England (you will have to wait for 'S' to see that one!)... it was a definite highlight!

What does 'B' signify for you?

Here are my other answers:
a is for... absolutely no idea!

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