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top ten - Childhood Favs

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Top Ten Childhood Favorites
Since I was a ‘Child’ several decades ago, my list will probably vary greatly from most.  I will try to put books that were read before age 13 – because we all know that once you turn 13, you are no longer a Kid – but a TEENAGER!

     1.      Little House on the Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder. And Little House in the Big Woods.  These were the books that I remember as my first novels.  I was fascinated on how I could be transported to a different time and place simply by reading.  If I had to say what novel (not book) started me reading, it was these two books.  I was sitting there, looking out at the snow and wondering how long I would have to stay inside with Laura.
     2.      Richard Scarry books – I loved the drawings of these books and the funny little creatures.  I remember the towns that were drawn in the books. (as a kid, I always pronounced his last name as Scary).
     3.      Are You There, God? It’s Me,Margaret – One of those great books for a young girl to read as she is growing up!
     4.      A Tree Grows In Brooklyn – another poignant book that I think every young girl should read as she is growing up.  Helps put your life in to perspective.
     5.      Edith and Mr. Bear – The photos in this book still haunt my memories.  The doll, Edith, had such sorrow, and that moved me.  I am so glad that Mr. Bear and Little Bear loved her so much!
     6.      The Charlie Brown Dictionary – Yes, I read a dictionary – it was in ten or twelve volumes.  It was fun to read this one!  And it was easier to go through than a regular dictionary, as Snoopy was your friend.
     7.      Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You? – MOO!  I loved this book... with all of the sounds to make, it was fun.
     8.      And to Think that I Saw in onMulberry Street – What amazed me about this book is that it was neat to know that I wasn’t the only one who had quite an imagination!  Why be normal?
     9.      Put Me in the Zoo – I liked the part when he juggled his polka dots!
     10.   Ten Apples Up on Top – Competition and what it can do to a can lead to quite a mess if you are always trying to ‘one up’ someone!

     Have you read any of these?  Which was your favorite?
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