Saturday, February 13, 2016


Okay - so I came across this challenge when I was scanning through challenges on a website called Habitica!

I ADORE Habitica!  If you are looking for a way to keep your life on track, want someone to kick your butt into implementing more habits, and like gamification - you have GOT to try this out!

Anyway, back to the Challenge.  It's like the Day Zero Challenge, but shorter! For the rest of the year, you have identified Goals, Accomplishments, and Experiences - THIRTY of them, to be exact - that you want to have done by the end of 2016.

Well!  I'm gonna do it!  You can, too!  Go to #30in330 to learn more and to sign up!  Try out Habitica, too!  You just may get hooked!

My 30 in 330 List


1. Write 80,000 words in my novel
2. Make a Baby Blanket
3. Read 42 Books
4. Place 18 Operation Beautiful Notes (did 2)
5. Fill in a Photography Book (Photography list)
6. Review 8 ARCs (3 out of 8)
7. Make 2 Wellness Interactive CBTs
8. Have at least 7 pen pals that I write to on a regular basis
9. Walk 200 miles
10. Volunteer 40 hours


11. Make a Coffee Mug in Ceramics
12. Plant a Flower Bed (Begin of February)
13. Complete Classics Reading Challenge
14. Complete LetterMo Challenge
15. Complete New Author Challenge
16. Learn how to use something other than Automatic on DSLR camera
17. Complete the Fit in 10 series (8 weeks)
18. Weigh 162 or LESS
19. FINISH Ocean Blanket
20. Finish Tropical Quilt
21. Make at least one hand-tied Mala


22. Sip n’ Paint (Feb 13, 2016)
23. Go to a Concert
24. Go to a Food Truck Rally (January 31st)
25. Get Stamp(s) in my Passport
26. Watch my husband Solo in PPG
27. Renn Faire
28. Balloon Festival
29. Music Festival
30. Camp at least 4 times this year
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