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review:The Wedding Beat

Title by Author: The Wedding Beat by Devan Sipher
Series (if applicable): none
Publisher: New American Library
Publication Date: 2012
Page Count:  254
Source: actually won it from “Chick Lit is Not Dead” blog.  Love those gals!
Blurb: Sometimes the best man isn't even in the wedding party...

Gavin Greene is a hopeless romantic. He's also a professional one: he writes the wedding column for a Pulitzer Prize-winning newspaper, covering spectacular parties from coast to coast. But there's a thin line between being a hotshot reporter on assignment...and being a single guy alone on a Saturday night at someone else's wedding.

Everything changes on New Year's when Gavin meets Melinda, a travel writer with enchanting dimples. A moonlit stroll across a Manhattan rooftop seals the deal. Until an Aussie with attitude swoops in and whisks her away before Gavin gets her number.

Gavin crisscrosses New York City to find her again. And he learns that there's something worse than losing the woman of his dreams: Having to write an article about her wedding.

My Interest in this book is: What an interesting premise…chick lit written by a guy!

My Review:
The author, Devan Sipher, was actually the “Vows” writer for the New York Times for five years.  One of my favorite movies happens to be “27 Dresses,” so this was a perfect fit.  It was a fun book that was well-written – and written by a guy.  This dude knows how to write Chick Lit!  It was fun, quirky and quickly-paced, and the ending (thank goodness) didn’t disappoint.

Gavin Greene is a writer for ‘the paper’ and he happens to write the wedding column every week.  He travels around the US to cover weddings and is just looking for “The One!” His best friend, Jill, invited him to a party on New Years Day – one she doesn’t show up to, but he did.  That’s where he sees her, and ends up completely tongue-tied…and she gets away.

No one seems to know who she is or how he can get in touch with her.  He left without getting her information, except her name, which is Melinda.  How many Melinda’s who are travel writers can there be in New York?!  More than he thought there would be.

Gavin is also helping his brother, who is decidedly not a romantic, plan a wedding to a gal he met and wants to marry.  His Jewish mother wants to see her baby boy settle down as well.  What’s a wedding writer to do?  Besides start getting tired of the over-the-top weddings he goes to every weekend, he wants to find his own princess – the kind that spends months in Tibet or some far-flung place donating her time to poor children.

One thing leads to another (and one more ‘date’ with the wrong Melinda) and Gavin is just about done trying to find his elusive soul mate, when he finds her in his next wedding to cover.  How can this be possible?!

Will fates conspire or converge to bring him together with the woman that he thinks he loves.  Is she really all that he remembers her to be?  You will have to read this fun book to find out!

The characters were well developed and you really start to feel for this guy who is seemingly chasing a dream.  I found myself laughing out loud several times throughout this story.  I also found myself pleasantly surprised that a guy could write Chick Lit so well!  It’s light-hearted and fun, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wonders if guys can be romantics, too!

Favorite Quotes:
“A conversation with my parents was like living out a Dada manifesto.” (blogger’s note: if you have ever been to an art exhibit that features Dada – you would crack up!)

I had heard so many flowery vows about metaphoric trees, soaring birds and sunny skies. But Amy was acknowledging the darkness. The effort it takes every single day to pull yourself out of yourself. Who wouldn’t be grateful to have someone rooting for you and waiting for you? Someone willing to enter the darkness, Orpheus-like, and rescue you from yourself.

When I finished this book, I felt: Glad I had a chance to read this little gem!  Would definitely recommend it and it is the perfect beach read!
Rating: 4 Stars
Other books to read by this author or theme: looking forward to seeing if he writes another.  The Wedding Date” (by Elizabeth Young) is another great wedding themed one that I loved.  Book is so much better than the movie, IMHO.
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