Friday, June 14, 2013

June Reviews


Boy, has time flown by!  We had the pleasure of going to our nephew's Destination Wedding at the beginning of the month, and it's about time that I got the sand out of my shoes, and back to business at hand!

It looks like we have some great reviews from last month.

So...without further ado (or Adieu, depends on how you swing!), Here we go again!

Don't forget, post your Name with the Number of the category you read.  I look forward to reading your reviews, and I hope you check out different reviews yourself.  It's a great way to feed your TBR pile!

Here's a quick recap of the Categories:
  1. To the Screen
  2. Another Voice
  3. Opposites Attract
  4. Five Star Day
  5. XyZ pdQ
  6. It's My Birthday
  7. From One Place
  8. It's All about Me
  9. Visit an Old Friend
  10. Look at the Pretty Pictures
  11. She Made Me Do It
  12. I Couldn't Help Myself
  13. To Be or Not to Be
Happy Reading!

Here is the Challenge Rules and Info...

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