Friday, April 27, 2012

x is for... Xanadu

no, silly, not the movie, but what the word actually means...

Xanadu - a place of great beauty, luxury, and contentment

What is your place of great beauty, luxury and contentment?

Besides being with my family - being near the ocean is a great start!  It has to be a rocky coastline, as that is what I grew up with, and that is true ocean beauty to me!  None of this flat, endless beach for me!

Then there is the house... rustic, massive windows (that some one else cleans often!) and very comfy furniture everywhere, with handmade quilts and afghans.

Then there is the library!

Something like this.... but I would have to redecorate!

And a fantastic kitchen...

          don't forget the king sized bed to fall into every night...

                                    and the two-person claw-footed tub with a
                                        hot water heater large enough to fill it

                                                    an awesome sound system...

and room for my family to be all together!

That's my Xanadu

(oh - and everything completely paid for so we don't have to worry about money!  We would get our 'pin' money from our organic eggs and our hydroponically grown vegetables and herbs that we sell to local restaurants!)

What's yours....

and for those who wanted to see ONJ sing Xanadu...
 here's a little 80's magic for you! 


  1. You and I have similar tastes in our dreams homes, fabulous description! :) Nice to find a Kindred Spirit on A-Z challenge!

    1. Thanks! Now... how to make it a reality!

  2. Hi, Kate. Thanks for stopping by my Xanadu post. Your Xanadu sounds lovely. (Jean from

  3. I'm seriously drooling over that house and library. Talk about heaven! We seem to have very similar tastes, because I'd like the amazing kitchen, king sized bed, and claw foot tub, too! Too funny. ;-)

  4. That would be absolutely amazing! That library would be my xanadu as well. :)


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