Monday, March 26, 2012

top ten books I'd play hooky with

Spring Fever: Top Ten Books 
I'd Play Hooky With 
– or books I probably shouldn’t pick up 
unless I have some time off…

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish.

1  Persuasion.  Who wouldn’t want to spend a lovely day reading Jane Austen?

2  The Orchid Affair by Lauren Willig.  When I start one of Lauren’s books, I better not have anything planned, because it will NOT get done!  I fall into those books and don’t walk away until I am done, if possible.  

3  Mr. Darcy Forever by Victoria Connelly.  I have so enjoyed this author and I think that if I start to read this last in the ‘Austen Addicts’ series, it will have to be a hooky day!

4  Sisters by Danielle Steele.  It’s been a long time since I have read a Danielle Steele book, but I remember being sucked in to her books, so it sounds like the perfect one for a day of reading.

5  The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.  Okay… I have seen the movie now, and everyone in the family has read this one… and it’s a quick read, so I just might have to play hooky to read it!

6  Breath of Eyre by Eve Marie Mont.  If someone gave this book to me, I would have to sit down with a nice cup of tea and read it right away!

7  Definitely NOT Mr. Darcy by Karen Doornebos.  I think this would be a great book to sit down with and read away!  Love the cover and the title completely grabbed me!

8  Austentatious by Alyssa Goodnight.  If I knew I was going to play hooky, and wanted a perfectly amusing heroine, Nic James would be my companion for the afternoon!  This one deserves a re-read!

9  Soulless by Gail Carriger.  If someone was wonderful and plunked this one into my ready-waiting hands, I don’t think I could leave the story until the very end… and I am sure I would be awaiting the next book.  Victorian manners and humor, count me in!

10  Juliet Immortal by Stacey Jay.  Once again, if this book happened upon me, or I happened upon it, I would most likely fall into a comfy chair and not want to get out until I was done with the story!
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