Thursday, March 1, 2012

March Madness

Pinch, Punch, First of the Month!
White Rabbit….

This is usually how we start out the first day of the month in our house.  One person recognizes that it is indeed the first of the month, then tries to pinch and punch others before they catch on… and White Rabbit puts a force field around you so they can’t get you back!  Now that the girlies have gone to college…it’s a contest to see who sends the text first to the others! (I won this month!)  A few years ago, one of our Three Lovelies wanted to do something a little nicer, because it wasn’t nice to Punch MOM!  Hug Kiss Pink Elephant (means that you can do it back!)  Isn’t that sweet?!?

Well, this month sees us seeing off one of our girls to the Ahrmee!  WOW!  But it also sees the close of LetterMo – which I only found out about at the END of February.   So, I plan on doing my own this month.  A letter, card, postcard…anything snail mail (and fun..bills don’t count) for every day that the post office runs!  If my calculations are correct (and mind you, math is not my strong suit), that means I will be sending out 27 objects!  Wanna be a recipient?

I also want to get more in to exercise this month as well.  If we have a daughter who is going off to Basic Training in a matter of weeks, I should also get in shape!  Do my own Basic Training!  I need to work up to 20 Army push-up…none of those wimpy Air Force ones (though that is how I will be starting out, for sure!).  For starters, I think I will commit to exercising 3 times a week…. (she says as her eyes bugle out with the mere thought of exertion!)  I will also walk the dog more often.

Then there is the matter of 100 photographs that I said I wanted to capture, and haven’t really started that yet.  So, I will be starting a weekly photo challenge, for myself and anyone who might want to play shutterbug with me!  I need to make these good intentions into reality!  I have my list of 101 things to do, and need to be more proactive about it.   

So, this week, my photo challenge will be: Shadow

Well, that’s my bit of Madness for the month of March!  Letter writing, Exercise and Photography start!  I am sure much more Madness will ensue this month, as it seems rather crazy just thinking about all that we have happening this month!

photo grabbed from here
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