Thursday, March 8, 2012

ff #14

It's Friday and Novel Day and Hesperia Loves Books 
are being featured this week.

This week's question is:

Q:  Have you ever looked at book's cover and thought, This is going to be horrible?  But, was instead pleasantly surprised?  Show us the cover and tell us about the book.

My daughter checked this audio book out from the library, and I thought it looked rather cheesy!  How could a book with this cover be any good?

Boy, have I been surprised.  I cannot wait to get in to the car to listen to more of this book.  I am about ready to grab some headphones and listen to it in the house!  I am so hooked on this geeky 80's induced story about the future and a kid trying to find a hidden treasure in the Oasis - a super internet world!

The reverse has also happened to me rather recently.  

I fell in love with this cover and just had to read it... and I was so underwhelmed, it wasn't funny.  How can a cover this gorgeous house a bad story?  I know that I am in the minority on this book, but that was my experience.

So, Bad cover - Good Book.  and Good cover - Bad book!  
I guess that just goes to show that you cannot always
judge a book by its cover!  
 (cheesy, I know! :D)

What book have you judged by its cover and been surprised by?


  1. I agree 100%. THough, I find that more often, I fall in love with a cover and am disappointed with the story. It makes me sad every single time. Lol.

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    1. Too bad this seems like a norm any more! But I still take a chance on books... be the covers bad but with a captivating description or just a great cover.

  2. Hopping through. I love the Mephisto Covenant cover. Too bad it didn't live up to it.\
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  3. Hi there :) just hopping through.

    Agreeing with you about the covers. The first reminds me of the Stephanie Plum books.

    I'm also your newest follower :) Here is my choice...

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  4. The cover of Ready Player One IS cheesy, but as it's a book about, basically video games (extreme video games) and gamers, the Pac Man font on the cover kind of made sense to me! (Neat book by the way, hope you enjoy it:)New follower!

    1. I am loving this book! My husband, who is also listening to it as well, heard it described by one of his favorite authors as 'Nerdgasm'! So perfect! If you love the 80's and you are a geek...this one is for you!

  5. So very true! Sadly, I judge them anyway >.>
    But I know what you mean about bad stories hiding under beautiful covers...Die For Me was like that in my opinion. New follower here :)
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  6. I haven't read either but I do love the last one so I hope I will enjoy it more than you did!

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