Thursday, September 29, 2011

100 Followers Giveaway!

Well...I cannot believe that 100 people follow me!  That is amazing!  I hope you have enjoyed my Ramblings up to this point!

One lucky Winner will receive a Prize Pack!  What's in it? you ask...  Well... Here's some info:

$10 iTunes card - I know I love to listen to cool tuneage while reading, so thought that I would share!
Bookmarks - I can never have enough, especially when I am reading several books at one time.
Book Plates - make sure that those books you lend make their way Home!
The book plates and book marks will be custom made by Moi!


If I get 25 more GFC followers on this Site, I will ADD another WINNER!

If I get up to 35 Likes on our FB page, I will ADD another WINNER!

Help Spread the Love and Thanks for enjoying my site!  I enjoy reading and writing about it!

The GiveAway will RUN until October 10th, 2011.  Winner(s) will be drawn at random and announced on October 11th.  The Winner(s) will have 48 hours to respond...if they don't, a new one will be drawn randomly.  Thanks again!

If the form doesn't seem to work for you, try clicking here and then post in the comments that you followed the link, so I can be sure that your info got on to the spreadsheet!


  1. Thanks for the giveaway. I will enter when I get to a computer that allows the entry form to show up!

  2. Do you have a link to the form. For some reason it doesnt allow me to scroll down and submit.

  3. Yayyy! Okay, It worked now with the link you gave me. Thanks for your help.


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