Thursday, March 31, 2011

I love books...

But I have to stop buying at some point!  My To-Be-Read pile is a Monster in the corner.  We were in Oxford at Blackwell's Bookshop, and I had to physically force myself out of the store without buying anything... well, no Novels for me, that is.  It was a very difficult task.  (Luckily, we have a house full of readers, so there is always something I can find for someone at home!)  I guess if it weren't for the fact that we are moving across an ocean in three months time, I would probably grab one that I couldn't pass up!  However, I actually had to reach deep inside and find my will-power.
Have you had to stop yourself from buying books?  It feels like a huge deprivation!  Books are our friends, they teach you things, take you places and introduce you to new people.  It's hard to say NO to that!
Luckily, bookstores also have neat little 'gift' books or 'john' books... ones that don't take too much of your time.. great to have around the house, for those moments you find yourself in a room without your 'currently reading' book, while waiting for teenagers to figure out how to put on their shoes....  So, I picked up a couple of books:  'A Classical Education: the stuff you wish you'd been taught at school' and 'I Used to Know That: stuff you forgot from school.'  Do these really count?  I didn't think so!
There are some wonderful books at this website... looks like I will be adding to my moving weight after all... how can I pass up The Wits books (wit and wisdom from favorites like Oscar Wilde or Jane Austen)?
Such is the life of a book lover!  I would much rather sit around reading than doing dishes, washing windows, paying bills, cleaning the floors....
Enjoy a good book today...what are YOU reading?
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