Thursday, February 3, 2011

Charlotte Collins

Dear Mrs. Becton,

Thank you for the news of Charlotte Collins.  I had heard of her husband’s death and my thoughts went out to her.  I am very glad to hear that all is now well with her.

Your news was very descriptive and I really enjoyed seeing Charlotte’s new life.  The way you portrayed her awakening feelings was very well put.  It seems that she has grown up a bit since Mr. Collins’s death, what with having her own cottage and taking on chaperoning her younger sister, Maria.  The society of Westerham seemed varied and quite full of characters.  But most importantly, the goings-on at the Armitage Ball were quite shocking.  I am very glad to see that American sensibility won the day.

My particular favourite in your writings were the tensions that were felt throughout the novel.  I also particularly liked the verbal banter that Charlotte frequently found herself in.  With your words, I felt that I was actually witnessing the various scenes that Mrs. Collins found herself in; and at times, I was holding my breath along with Charlotte, wondering....

I must say, you had me guessing at what was to happen next to our heroine.  It seems that all is now well, though, there was a time, in your recitation of her story, I wondered what could possibly happen next.

Truly a delightful recounting of a character that deserved to find her happy ending.  If anyone was to have one, it would have been Charlotte Collins, after having spent seven odious years with Mr. Collins.

I look forward to your news on Caroline Bingley.  One can only hope that this particular young lady will grow up and no longer vex those happiest around her, but somehow find that is impossible to imagine.

Yours Respectfully,
Mrs. Fogelson

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